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Take a Stand Against Racism

We stand against racism and hate.

As we come together, here are ways to work for racial justice and women's empowerment:

  • LISTEN and BELIEVE what people tell you about the challenges they experience.
  • EDUCATE yourself about racial and gender disparities, and pay attention to the impact of current and proposed policies and practices on these disparities.
  • SPEAK UP when you observe injustice and underrepresentation (including calling attention to situations where women and people of color are absent in the workplace, in public office, in the media, etc.).
  • CONNECT with friends and colleagues who care about these issues, and seek new connections regularly.
  • Register to VOTE.
  • Encourage others to register to vote.
  • Share your story through Communities Against Hate.
  • See the W.K. Kellog Foundation Racial Equity Resource Guide
  • Become a YWCA Utah member.
  • Sign up to stay current about YWCA Utah policy advocacy.


For Immediate Release
Danielle Marse-Kapr: 845 629 8656

On Friday night, Charlottesville, Va. erupted as white supremacists carrying torches descended on the University of Virginia campus and marched to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee monument. Violent protests continued today. In response, YWCA USA, YWCA of Central Virginia, and YWCA Richmond have made the following comments:

"We are outraged, yet not surprised, by last night's white supremacist march in Charlottesville. Every American, especially white Americans, must keep our country's ongoing legacy of racism at the front of our minds. Images of torch-bearing white supremacists may feel to some like a relic from the past being brought to life by a few extremists. However, we must trust Black women and other people of color when they say that these displays are indicative of daily racial injustices and threats that communities of color continue to face in the United States. What happened last night and today in continuing violent protests is an unacceptable display of hate and white supremacy that has no place in our communities. YWCA USA will not tolerate or normalize racism in any of its insidious forms."

"The display we saw last night was a show of hatred that has no place in the state of Virginia or any community in our nation. We at YWCA of Central Virginia will continue to stand against racism and stand up for justice. Together with over 200 YWCAs across the United States, we work daily to eliminate racism."

"White nationalism is antithetical to our values at YWCA Richmond — and, more than that, it's just plain wrong. Last night and today's marches are indicative of the larger issue of racism that we must address at every level. It takes each of us to root out hatred and injustice in our communities to create a more equitable Virginia and a safer United States."

YWCA USA is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. We are one of the oldest and largest women's organizations in the nation, serving over 2 million women, girls, and their families.

YWCA has been at the forefront of the most pressing social movements for more than 150 years — from voting rights to civil rights, from affordable housing to pay equity, from violence prevention to health care reform. Today, we combine programming and advocacy in order to generate institutional change in three key areas: racial justice and civil rights, empowerment and economic advancement of women and girls, and health and safety of women and girls. Learn more: www.ywca.org.


Stand Against Racism YWCA UtahYWCA Utah was at Monday, August 14, rallies in Salt Lake City:

Rally for Unity Utah State Capitol

One Utah - Solidarity RallySalt Lake City and County Building

Print your own Stand Against Racism sign.

See more photos from the rallies.


Stand Against Racism is a signature campaign of YWCA USA to build community among those who work for racial justice and to raise awareness about the negative impact of institutional and structural racism in our communities. Founded by YWCA Trenton and YWCA Princeton in 2007, YWCA Utah took a Stand Against Racism in 2011 and continues to participate annually as part of our mission to eliminate racism. Learn more.