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Get Involved

Involvement opportunities at YWCA Utah included joining at a membership level, applying for employment, and/or attending one of our events:


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 5 Ways to Work for Women's Empowerment and Racial Justice


LISTEN and BELIEVE what people tell you about the challenges they experience.

EDUCATE yourself about racial and gender disparities, and pay attention to the impact of current and proposed policies and practices on these disparities.

SPEAK UP when you observe injustice and underrepresentation (including calling attention to situations where women and people of color are absent in the workplace, in public office, in the media, etc.).

CONNECT with friends and colleagues who care about these issues, and seek new connections regularly.


YWCA membership demonstrates your commitment to women’s equality and racial justice, and specifically furthers leadership development activities as well as issue education and public policy advocacy through the Utah Women’s Well-Being Initiative.