24 hour crisis line: 801-537-8600 or toll-free 1-855-YWCA-SLC (855-992-2752)


How can I help YWCA Utah?
You can give a charitable contribution to support the life-changing work of the YWCA, and introduce others to the YWCA. Call 801-537-8614 to learn about other ways you can help.

Do you accept in-kind donations?
Please see our YWCA wish list.

Does YWCA Utah receive funding from YWCA USA?
No, YWCA Utah operates as a local autonomous 501(c)3 charitable organization. We are financially supported by our own community and governed by a local, volunteer board of directors.

How does YWCA Utah fund its programs and services?
The YWCA Utah secures much of it's funding through private sources, including annual charitable contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations. The YWCA also receives public funding for its programs and services.

Are there other YWCA's in Utah?
No, YWCA Utah is the only YWCA in Utah.

What is the extent of YWCA Utah's service area?
YWCA Utah primarily serves the communities in and around Salt Lake County; however, programs are open to women and children throughout Utah.

How many people does YWCA Utah serve?
YWCA Utah serves more than 11,000 people annually and about 1,000 reside at the YWCA each year.

Is the YWCA affiliated with the YMCA?
No, the YWCA is not affiliated with the YMCA.