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Our Philosophy

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The Lolie Eccles Early Education Center at the YWCA strives to create a safe and socially just child-centered environment where children celebrate diversity as they learn to understand, value, and create a society where all people are treated equally. Each child’s individual needs, personality, cultural background, and family traditions are valued and supported.

Children’s learning is fostered through daily opportunities for hands-on, active exploration and discovery in a variety of learning and constructive play activities. Independence is encouraged by children choosing and creating individual play experiences. Their self-esteem is promoted through positive, supportive interaction with teachers and volunteers and many opportunities for the mastery of age appropriate skills.

The Lolie Eccles Early Education Center staff follows the belief that all families have strengths:
• All children want to feel loved and safe
• All children want to receive positive affirmation of their choices and behavior
• All children want and need to be taught right and wrong
• Every child is doing the very best they can at the moment
• There is no right way for a child to respond
• All parents want to be good parents
• Most parents want to be better parents than their own parents were
• Every parent is doing the very best they can at the moment
• No parent wants to be judged for their parenting inadequacies
• Parenting is stressful and we all need support to be the best parents we can be