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One-time Service Projects

The YWCA welcomes one-time volunteer projects for individuals and groups. We are grateful for the business and community groups that donate time and talent to improve the surroundings and life-changing services of the YWCA campus. Your group may wish to consider one-time projects such as the ones described below:

Campus Beautification - up to 20 volunteers
Volunteers would be helping with yard work, weeding, gardening, cleaning up various spaces around the YWCA, and picking up trash. If this is scheduled in the spring, groups could donate and plant flowers in the beds around some or all of the campus buildings.
NOTE: Volunteers would need to supply their own garden tools (trowels, rakes, etc.)

Activity Nights for Residents - (adults and/or children) - up to 15 volunteers
Your group may come up with your own creative idea, or consider one of the suggestions below. Keep in mind that your group will need to provide all needed supplies and refreshments. Past activities usually begin around 6:00 p.m., following dinner. Ideas include:

  • Monthly birthday parties for all children in the residences whose birthdays fall in that month. All residents would be invited (approximately 150). Provide cake, drinks, activities, and decorations.
  • Craft nights - Instructions and supplies for adults and/or children to create craft projects. This works especially well for holiday-themed items.
  • Children's carnivals - games, activities, prizes, and carnival food in the outdoor green space.
  • Spa night - mani/pedis, facials, hair, makeup, massages, and other indulgences for women residents. In addition, providing supervision and activities for children so moms can truly relax and enjoy the evening, is greatly appreciated.

Organize a Donation Drive
Donation drives may be undertaken separately, or combined with an on-site group project. Donation drive ideas:

  • Sponsor a collection drive in your community and collect any items on the YWCA wish list.
  • Host a hygiene kit event!
  • Collect donations for and assemble KRH kits for families moving into transitional housing.
  • Backpack drive - collect backpacks and school supplies
  • Paper product supplies - collect toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, cups, plates, napkins, and plastic utensils.
  • Organize a food drive for our kitchen
  • Conduct a fundraiser and then buy movie passes, activity passes, and gift certificates for the after school and childcare programs.
  • Have a baby shower or house warming party and donate the items to the women and children in residence.

Share Your Talents
Come and share your talents, such as musical talents, with those who live and play here.

Special Events
Help with YWCA events! Contact ynguyen@ywca.com for more details.

Multiple Tasks for Large Groups
The YWCA maintenance director and volunteer coordinator can organize a day of assignments for up to 100 volunteers, based on current YWCA needs and skills offered by volunteers. Activities may include window washing, minor repairs in apartments and residences, carpet cleaning, cleaning and disinfecting toys and furnishings in childcare areas, deep-cleaning in café, repairing and cleaning tricycles and playground equipment, resident activities, donation drives, gardening and landscape cleanup, etc.



  • Volunteers must help ensure the security of campus residents by protecting their confidentiality. They will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and agree not to share any information about the identity or situations of residents they may encounter.
  • If volunteer projects proposed by community groups require supplies or other costs beyond what the YWCA would ordinarily provide, the volunteer groups will need to provide or fund those items.
  • The YWCA will provide bottled water for volunteers, but other beverages, snacks or meals are the responsibility of the volunteer group.
  • Smoking on campus is restricted to the grassy divider strip in the parking lot.
  • Background checks are not required for one-time service projects.