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Public Policy


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YWCA Utah advocates for women and girls. Our Director of Public Policy, Erin Jemison, is on the Hill full-time working with partners and legislators during the legislative session. Our 2018 policy priorities:

Economic Empowerment and Stability for Women and Girls
  • Expand leave options (paid and unpaid) for women who need or want to work.
  • Ensure access to high quality, affordable childcare and early childhood education.
  • Reduce wage discrimination and work toward pay parity.
  • Support tax benefits for working families.
Racial Justice & Civil Rights for Women and Girls of Color
  • Contribute to criminal and juvenile justice reform efforts, including education policies that support girls of color.
  • Reduce violence against individuals who are targeted as members of a protected class. 
  • Address workplace discrimination, with specific attention to issues impacting women of color.
Health and Safety for Women and Girls
  • Ensure access to healthcare for all women and girls in Utah.
  • Expand and improve resources to support women’s and girls’ mental health.
  • Work with the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (UDVC) to ensure availability of comprehensive victim services and effective offender accountability systems.

YWCA Utah Public Policy Priority Areas


The following policy priority areas were selected based on a comprehensive process carried out by the YWCA Utah Public Policy Committee to:

    • Gather, discuss, and understand potential policy issues and bills connected to the YWCA Utah mission that we expect to arise during the 2018 Utah legislative session;
    • Review input from YWCA members, allies, and community partners who attended YWCA Utah’s first annual policy convening,Utah Women’s Well-Being: Leading the Policy Conversation;” and
    • Evaluate results from the policy priority survey conducted with YWCA Utah members and allies.


For more information about the YWCA’s policy advocacy priorities or the Utah Women’s Well-Being Initiative, please contact Erin Jemison, YWCA Utah Director of Public Policy, at ejemison@ywcautah.org or 801-537-8603.


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The Women's Policy Conference will be August 23-24, 2018 in Salt Lake City.

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