New Partnerships Brings More Health and Healing to YWCA

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New Partnerships Brings More Health and Healing to YWCA

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Each night more than 200 Utah women and children rendered homeless by domestic violence sleep at the YWCA. Expanding onsite healthcare services for our families has been a longtime goal, and we are grateful for a new partnership with Fourth Street Clinic that provides immediate and ongoing medical care to survivors of domestic violence in the safety and convenience of the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center at the YWCA.

4th Street Caregiving at YWCA Utah

Since the program’s launch in March, Jeff Daniel (R.N.) and Hannah Parrish (C.H.W) have been busy administering weekly immunizations and preventative health screenings; providing medication management, chronic disease care, and expedited entry into Fourth Street Clinic; and offering healthcare education and coordination services. Women and children living at the YWCA are now safer and healthier, and with the time saved on traveling to outside healthcare appointments, can focus their efforts on healing and creating new lives.

Our Partnership in Action

A woman came to the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center seeking support for a domestic violence strangulation incident and sought follow up care from our nurse. While administering care, the team discovered that she had four young children who were behind on childhood immunizations and well child checks. The youngest child, only 18 months old, was with her so we were able to catch him up on his vaccines on the spot. We registered the mom and kids as Fourth Street Clinic patients and had them come into the clinic the following day. Each child received a well child check and immunizations. The mom was also seen; she established care with a primary care physician and received medication and counseling.

Waste Less Solutions Salt Lake City YWCA UtahYWCA Utah provides healthy and nutritious meals to families on campus three times a day. Over the last few months, our kitchen has partnered with Waste Less Solutions. Utilizing the nationwide app Food Rescue, vendors and restaurants can post a food rescue for receivers to claim for delivery. Now YWCA Utah can provide even more nutritious options for our families while helping to reduce the high frequency of food waste in Utah.

Become a food donor or rescuer by downloading the Food Rescue app.