YWCA Utah Expands Eligibility to Offer Affordable Housing to More Single Mothers in Need

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YWCA Utah Expands Eligibility to Offer Affordable Housing to More Single Mothers in Need

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Contact: Pamela Carlston
Chief Development Officer
P 801.537.8614 | pcarlston@ywcautah.org


Salt Lake City, UT — YWCA Utah is dedicated to meeting our mission through diverse programmatic offerings such as domestic violence services, childcare, public policy, women’s leadership, and race equity programming. As the first and most comprehensive domestic violence services provider in the state, we have a proud legacy of offering trauma-informed critical life-saving services to our community members in need. Since 1998 YWCA Utah has been honored to include transitional housing programming as a crucial step from emergency shelter towards security, safety, and self-sufficiency in permanent housing. As the community, funding, and global context continually changes, we adapt for success. We look toward our mission to guide our programming so that we continue to use our resources effectively, steward our finances efficiently, and meet our community’s most critical needs.

Improving financial sustainability and capacity. 

The apartments at the YWCA (KRH Apartments) and YWCA Utah Supportive Services are committed to fulfilling the YWCA mission to eliminate racism and empower women. Ongoing challenges over multiple years in maintaining a financially sustainable transitional housing program and operating at full occupancy have presented an opportunity to re-evaluate how we serve our mission through the KRH Apartments. Moving forward:

  • The eligibility criteria for tenancy at KRH has expanded to provide more housing to more families and reduce vacancies, to better meet our mission.
  • Single parents with children who meet the KRH Apartments Selection Criteria, have a desire to engage in YWCA supportive services and adhere to community living standards are welcome to apply. The emphasis remains on providing safe, secure, and affordable housing for families, with priority given to those who have any history of domestic violence or trauma.
  • Tenants must meet financial requirements. The KRH Apartments are now accepting applications for prospective tenants with Section 8 Vouchers or other funding sources.
  • The KRH Apartments will continue to provide affordable housing, with flexibility between transitional (24-month) and permanent (shorter or longer) rental leases. YWCA Utah Supportive Services will continue to provide high-quality expert support to all tenants by collaborating with tenants to identify needs, establish goals, and develop plans to achieve them within the timelines set by the lease.
  • For more information and to learn how to apply, contact Sunney at krh@housingconnect.org.

Current Tenants

YWCA Utah continues to work with our current transitional housing tenants to prepare them for self-sufficiency and sustainable housing. Some current tenants are in receipt of rental subsidy due to expire soon, and the YWCA is committed to keeping all tenants housed, supporting them to transition on in a safe and trauma-informed way. We acknowledge that looming rental subsidy and lease end dates have increased anxiety in an already stressful time. Evictions due to lack of rental subsidy are not now, nor have they ever been considered; we will continue to dedicate funding to ensure safe housing and safe transition from our housing, regardless of access to a rental subsidy or another funding source.

The YWCA and Critchlow LLC are excited to be able to offer affordable housing and high-quality supportive services in Salt Lake City that not only meet our mission, fulfill a community need, positively impact the lives of women and children, but also uses our resources and assets to their full potential to serve.

About YWCA Utah

YWCA Utah engages in transformative work in domestic violence, women’s leadership, early education, advocacy and racial justice. Since 1906 the YWCA has designed its work to encourage women’s aspirations, protect and promote their rights, and meet their changing needs. The YWCA’s enduring belief has been that better lives for all women lead to stronger families, communities, and societies. For more information about this important work, go to www.ywcautah.org.