How to Get Involved During Black History Month

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How to Get Involved During Black History Month

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Over the years, YWCA organizations across the country have honored Black History Month through various topics, commemorating African American leaders who have shaped history, and amplified Black voices advocating through activism. This year, YWCA Utah is joining others in the US to highlight The Unsung Legacy of Black Feminism: From Jane Crow to Intersectionality. Follow us on social media as we highlight Black Feminists that deserve the recognition.



This time is also for getting involved on an individual level, so we’ve gathered some local events and virtual screenings to help bridge the gap for our local community in Utah. Check out the below and stay tuned for more this month.

Black History Month Events 

University of Utah Event Calendar 

Select events: 

Feb 6 – Let’s Talk About It: Black Is… 

Feb 10 – Books vs Movies: The Best Picks for Black History Month 

Feb 23 – Community Conversation: Reparations: Ending Intergenerational Trauma 


Utah Film Center


Feb 1 – Citizen Ashe

Feb 8 – Attica


Utah Film, KUER 90.1, and Utah Presents  


Feb 17- DJ Spooky’s Rebirth of a Nation  


Weber State University Diversity Office 


Feb 1 – My Black is Exhausted  

Feb 24 – An Evening with Black Clinicians