Liz Owens Spotlight on ShePlace

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Liz Owens Spotlight on ShePlace

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Meet Liz Owens!

Liz currently serves as CEO of YWCA Utah where she leads the organization in meeting their mission of “eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.” She is a womanist, feminist, multi-racial, multi-cultural woman of color from Provo, Utah. She serves as a community educator, gender justice and racial justice activist. Her multi-issue work is firmly rooted within a human rights and social justice framework with a focus on the intersections of power and privilege. Liz has experience working with women on the intersecting issues that disproportionately impact women and historically underrepresented individuals and communities including: women of color, transgender folks and their loved ones; refugees and immigrants, queer youth; and women involved in the criminal justice system, gangs and/or drugs, drug trafficking, sex-work and prostitution, and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, among many others.

When we asked Liz about what work she is passionate about right now she said, ““I am feeling passionate about continuing to show up with kindness and grace in the midst of unprecedented challenges and extraordinary times. I am feeling passionate about nurturing and tending to relationships and holding space for me and for you and all the very big things we are all going through right now.”

We encourage you to learn more about YWCA and their Learn More. Do More – Racial Equity Series by following the link:


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