Bridging the Digital Divide: YWCA Utah’s Partnership with Comcast

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Bridging the Digital Divide: YWCA Utah’s Partnership with Comcast

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In a world where access to technology has become essential for education, employment, and overall empowerment, the digital divide continues to present a significant challenge. However, through a long-standing partnership with Comcast, YWCA Utah takes a giant leap towards bridging this gap. Comcast recently awarded YWCA Utah a generous grant, which will have a positive impact on YWCA’s residents as they navigate their journey towards empowerment.

Comcast: A Decade of Dedication:

For a decade, Comcast has been a steadfast partner and corporate sponsor of YWCA Utah. Their commitment to supporting the YWCA’s mission has been unwavering, even during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Comcast not only stood by the organization but also actively contributed to the shelter’s operations by providing essential resources, volunteering their time, and supporting survivors in their journey towards healing and independence. Comcast has also been an avid Leader Sponsor for YWCA Utah’s Annual LeaderLuncheon.

The Grant: Empowering YWCA’s Residents:

The recent support from Comcast is geared towards the development of a Teen Room Computer Lab and KRH Computer Lab Support. These vital resources will bring digital equity to the residents who rely on YWCA Utah’s shelter and transitional housing. By providing access to technology and necessary support, YWCA Utah and Comcast aim to empower residents with the skills and tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world. YWCA Utah now has a space to further education with teens, support their needs and open more doors for employment, opportunities and connection.

The Teen Room Computer Lab will serve as a safe and supervised space where teenagers can explore and engage in technology-driven learning opportunities. Equipped with computers and software, this lab will become a hub for educational resources, online research, and skill-building activities. By breaking down barriers to technology access, because of Comcast, YWCA Utah ensures that no teenager is left behind in their educational or personal growth.


Another crucial aspect of the grant is the KRH Computer Lab Support. This initiative aims to enhance the existing computer lab at YWCA Utah’s transitional housing and provide ongoing support and maintenance. By ensuring the lab is equipped with up-to-date technology and reliable internet connectivity, residents will have a reliable resource for job searches, online training, and connecting with vital services. This computer lab has opened opportunities for survivors who have transitioned into our long-term housing by giving survivors a space to access employment, education and digital connection.

The partnership between YWCA Utah and Comcast demonstrates the power of collaboration in creating positive change. Through their continued support and commitment to YWCA Utah we have seen incredible changes across our campus. In the age of technology, it is so crucial that all our residents have access to technology and things they may have left when they fled a violent situation. On behalf of YWCA Utah, we want to thank Comcast for empowering survivors and their children. Thank you for bridging the digital divide and for empowering women and all marginalized communities.