2022 Stand Against Racism Challenge for Organizations

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Participating as a Group, Company, or Organization

Whether it’s your roller derby league or coworkers, there’s power in group learning. Participate as a group or business and get tools to help you learn and your logo/name on our website and registration page! This year is simple:

  • Share the registration link with your participants
  • Ask them to include your organization’s name for the question “How Did You Hear About this Challenge.”
  • We ask that you take our discussion questions and survey at the end of the challenge and submit them for our study.


Please reach out to Priscilla Rountree at prountree@ywcautah.org to confirm your organization’s involvement and we will add your logo to our registration page and website with your announcement.

2021 21-Day Challenge Group Toolkit

By participating as a group, you get access to our exclusive 21-Day Challenge Toolkit, which features a collection of resources, tools, and tips to help you guide your group through further learnings using last year’s 21-Day Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge. Please contact Priscilla Rountree at prountree@ywcautah.org to access the content.