TEST for policy

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A Empowerment & Economic Advancement for Women and Girls Racial Justice & Civil Rights for Women and Girls of ColorHealth & Safety for Women and Girls
Advocate for work-family support policies for women who need or want to work outside the home.Advocate for education and juvenile justice policies that are trauma-informed and prioritize safety and support for all children, with a particular focus on girls of color.Advocate for policies that enhance mental health resources across the state, especially for women and their families.Tier 1
Contribute to policies that move all women toward pay parity and long-term economic stability. Contribute to policy efforts that protect and support immigrant and refugee women, children, and families.Contribute to policies that ensure access to comprehensive, high quality, and affordable healthcare for all women and girls in Utah, with an emphasis on addressing health disparities for women of color.Tier 2
Support policies that remove barriers and increase access to affordable housing for women and their families.upport policies that address workplace discrimination of all kinds, including those targeting women of color.Support policies that enhance safety and support trauma-informed services for survivors of domestic violence and their children. Tier 3