Woke Words Application

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Woke Words

2020-2021 Application

Application Instructions:  Applications are due September 9, 2020.

Please answer the following seven questions and email them to bmcfalls-schwartz@ywcautah.org by September 9, 2020 (please keep your responses to under one page in total). Committee members will convene to review applications and the YWCA will notify applicants of their decision the following week. The first Woke Words group will be conducted via Zoom on September 24th from 6pm-9pm. (All groups will be conducted on either the third or fourth Thursday of each month September through May).

  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Contact Information
  4. Why are you interested in participating in the Woke Words reading and writing series?
  5. Tell us a little about your ethnic and racial identities. What do they mean to you?
  6. Please list the name of one book and its author that you have read and enjoyed in the past year. Describe one moment (a line, paragraph, scenario, etc.) that stood out to you.
  7. If accepted, can you commit to attending at least six out of nine group offerings, including the public reading?