2021 21-Day Challenge Archive

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Miss a day? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re joining us late in the Challenge you haven’t missed out! We’ll be updating this page regularly to include links to each day of Challenge so you can catch up to revisit any previous content. If we’re missing a day, hold tight. Our small team is hard at work making sure this Challenge is the best it can be. We’re glad you’ve committed to joining us. 

WEEK 1: The History of the Invention of Race June 21st—June 25th

WEEK 2: Interpersonal & Internalized Racism June 28th—July 2nd

WEEK 3: Institutional & Systemic Racism July 5th—July 9th

WEEK 4: Personal & Collective Transformation July 12th—July 16th

WEEK 5: Stronger Together July 19th—July 21st