Volunteer at the YWCA

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Volunteering at the YWCA

We appreciate every volunteer who offers their time, talents, and energy to support and strengthen the YWCA Utah community. We could not realize our mission or do our essential daily work without the support and commitment of our volunteers. 

We are proud to offer volunteer opportunities for anyone in the community interested in getting involved. This includes opportunities with a regular schedule, intermittent opportunities, family-friendly events, large group days of action, service projects, donation drives, and so much more! You can learn more about volunteer opportunities below.

A New Way to Volunteer

As of August 2020, we are using the Get Connected Platform for all volunteer opportunities organization-wide. This is a huge and exciting change that makes it easier for us to let you know about volunteer opportunities catering to different interests and skillsets. Most importantly, this platform makes it easier for you to get involved and take ownership of your experience as a volunteer at YWCA Utah. We know there are bound to be questions that come with this exciting change, so we’ve compiled a handy FAQ.

Volunteer Platform MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Frequently Asked Questions
Once you’ve made a profile on the volunteer site don’t forget to download the app. It makes recording your hours a breeze! You can download the app below.


We’re available to answer any questions or support you while volunteering with YWCA Utah. Send any questions to Phoebe Davenport pdavenport@ywcautah.org . As we transition to this new platform, we anticipate there will be questions. Please feel free to reach out.

Thank you. We appreciate you. We’re here for you.

We cannot wait to work with you!