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About 20 years ago, I caught the bug of policy work and realized the impact of when we make change at the legislature. We're truly making population-based change. Having the YWCA is a game-changer for women and children in our state.

YWCA Utah advocates for all women and girls in Utah. We are a statewide voice for change on issues critical to the well-being of Utah women and girls. The Utah Women’s Well-Being Initiative guides our efforts on behalf of Utah women and girls in the areas of empowerment and economic advancement, racial justice and civil rights, and health and safety. We work with statewide partners, legislators, and advocates to make policies that benefit all Utah women and girls.

YWCA Utah 2020 Policy Priority Areas


Empowerment &
Economic Advancement for Women and Girls


Racial Justice & Civil Rights for Women and Girls of Color


Health & Safety 

for Women and Girls

Tier 1

Advocate for policies that remove barriers and increase access to affordable housing for women and their families.

Advocate for increased support and protection for immigrant women, children, and families.

Advocate for policies that improve access to maternal healthcare for women and their families.

Tier 2

Contribute to work-family support policies for women who need or want to work outside the home.

Contribute to policy efforts that address the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls, and 2-spirit people in Utah.

Contribute to policies to ensure that all Utah women are empowered to start their families at the time that’s right for them.

Tier 3

Support efforts to ensure that tax restructuring legislation reflects economic issues impacting women and their families.

Support policies that increase healthcare availability and options for women who are incarcerated and who are disproportionately women of color.

Support policies that enhance safety and increase resources for prevention education and support services for survivor of domestic and sexual violence.

Policy priorities are informed by the YWCA Utah Public Policy Committee, YWCA member feedback, YWCAdvocacy Connect policy survey responses,  and The Well-Being of Women in Utah Fact Sheet, which we will continue to publish annually with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Learn more and advocate for policies that benefit all Utah women and girls.

Utah Women’s Well-Being

YWCA Utah began the nonpartisan Utah Women’s Well-Being Initiative in May 2013 to respond more effectively to persistent challenges Utah women face. The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen the well-being of Utah women across important dimensions of their lives through research, education, collaboration, and public policy – so that women flourish, their families and communities thrive, and Utah prospers.

The Well-Being of Women in Utah in 2019 Fact Sheet presented at the second annual Utah Women’s Policy Conference on August 15, 2019, follows up on last year’s report and the YWCA’s 2014 briefing, also published in conjunction with Institute for Women’s Policy Research in Washington, DC.